Release Writs

The release writ for individual accused along with parentage confined in prison should be carefully verified with the Case number, FIR number, Police Station, offence and date of issue. This information should also be available on the official website of the district courts of Sindh:


No./64/2024 KARACHI (EAST)

Bail Application No.02/2024 in Case No 845/2019

  The State ---Veruss---Riaz Ahmed  s/o Abdul Haleem---Accused.

      FIR No.64/2019                U/S.489-F/420/512                     P/S.Shahra-e-Faisal


The Superintendent,
Central Prison,

SUBJECT:      R E L E A S E   O R D E R

Whereas in the above noted matter advocate for accused filed bail application praying for grant of bail and upon hearing the said bail application, the bail application was allowed and accused was granted bail in the sum of Rs.20,0000/- with P.R. bond in the like amount.

AND WHEREAS, the required surety on behalf of the above named accused has been furnished/and accepted by this Court.

You are, therefore, directed to release the accused Riaz Ahmed S/o Abdul Haleem forthwith if he is not required in any other case after causing your personal recognizance of Rs.20,0000/- to be executed by the accused and report recognizance within (02) days from the receipt hereof this writ and also direct the accused above named to appear before trial Court.

Given under my hand and seal of the Court on this 17th   day of February, 2024.

Civil Judge & Magistrate XXIV, Karachi (East)